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Oil & Gas Industry

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Throughout the years we have designed, supplied and installed refrigeration on oil rigs for BP Miller, Agip Tiffany, and Shell Gannet.

We also have a working relationship spanning more than 16 years with TCO Tengiz in Kazakhstan where we have been responsible for the design and installation of bespoke refrigeration.

Through the multinational oil company Chevron, more than 5,000 staff work at the oilfield camp all requiring three meals a day.

With local supply and quality difficulties, all food has to be taken from the UK in vast quantities of ten-week supplies to cope with varied dietary requirements and any breakdowns in logistics, especially as the extreme weather can cut the camp off for up to eight weeks at a time.

We were responsible for the design and build of the 80m x 10m x 10m warehouse here and then the design and installation of the bespoke refrigeration.

This work incorporated the installation of two freezer rooms, a dairy, a fruit and vegetable store and a potato store, all requiring different temperatures and controls.

We were also responsible for the design, supply and installation of cold rooms and associated plant at the Oasis Cold Room Complex, a suite of two coldrooms at Dostyk Village and a suite of three cold rooms at the Chevron HQ in Atyrau as well as a large automated dishwasher.


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