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We can help transport companies who require refrigeration in their haulage fleet to preserve the quality and integrity of chilled or frozen goods from pick-up point to delivery destination.

We can cater to any requirement regardless of the number of pallets, layers, cases or trays for food produce and pharmaceuticals, all with superior temperature integrity guaranteed.

Our clients here include DFDS Logistics and JD Cowper.

DFDS Logistics Scotland offers a complete range of logistics solutions and is the largest provider of transportation services to the Scottish salmon and seafood industries.

The main warehouse facility is located in Larkhall, near Glasgow. This is supported by two satellite warehouses in Aberdeen and Boulogne Sur Mer, France providing Europe-wide distribution facilities.

ACE Refrigeration  was responsible for installing a new Cold Room for DFDS at their facility in Aberdeen at the beginning of 2015.

The new Cold Room has a footprint of 312.66m²  and will cool 6,000kg of produce, entering at +10°C, and pulled down within 12 hours.

For this application, the design team specified using refrigerant R407f which has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 1825.

J&D Cowper has developed during the last 20 years to become one of the premier refrigerated transport companies in the Highlands. From their base in Ross-shire, they work with a cross-section of customers – from local producers to multinational supermarket chains, delivering a broad selection of temperature controlled freight,  to clients including Lidl, Asda, and Tesco.

ACE Refrigeration was responsible for the design, supply and installation of a Frozen Food Room as well as a new Blast Freezer at their Evanton site.

The Frozen Food Room had a footprint of just less than 5,000m³ and required 10,000kg of produce entering at -15°C,  to be pulled down to -25°C within 12 hours.

The Blast Freezer  called for 4,000kg of produce entering at 0°C to be pulled down to -18°C within 12 hours.

Refrigerant R407f ,with a GWP of 1850, was used for both the Frozen Food Room and the Blast Freezer.


DFDS 4 MARCH 2015DFDS 3 MARCH 2015JD Cowper 4 Dec 2014JD COWPER FEB 4