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Strictly temperature controlled refrigeration is a must for any dairy company and we can provide a range of equipment from a worldwide pool of manufacturers.

For some organisations, refrigeration costs can represent more than 50 % of their energy bill, and 20 % of that can be wastage.

A modern and energy-efficient refrigeration system will help save you money; we know where energy savings can be made and how to get cost-effective and efficient systems up and running in your business.

Our clients are varied and include First Milk, AJ Duncan, Glenrath Farms, the Pelosi Ice Cream Company and Soaves Ice Cream.

ACE Refrigeration has recently completed a second project for First Milk, the UK’s only major dairy company which is 100% owned by British farmers.

This time ACE engineers are replacing existing refrigeration plant with energy efficient equipment at First Milk’s Campbeltown Creamery, home to the award winning Mull of Kintyre cheddar and the iconic Scottish brand, Scottish Pride.

As well as a range of cheeses, the creamery also manufactures a range of own label retail cheddar products, and butter as part of the Scottish Pride range.

Previously ACE worked at the Glenfield Dairy in Cowdenbeath for First Milk on the Main Chill Area; replacing dated equipment which had become inefficient and was no longer working to full capacity.

ACE was tasked with providing a cost effective replacement refrigeration system while giving consideration to external noise restrictions.

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