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ACE Refrigeration sets the standards that other refrigeration companies aspire to reach.
Established in 1951, our knowledge, breadth of experience and professional indemnity set us apart from others and enable us to have a flexible approach to projects and working partnerships.
We are manufacturer independent so are able to offer customers refrigeration solutions which best meet their needs.
Established originally by brothers Alan and Sandy Sandham, they were joined soon after by Colin McKenzie, who went on to the run the business after the untimely deaths of both the Sandham brothers.
Colin was latterly joined by his wife Kate and then the couple’s three sons continuing the history of ACE as a family business, managed professionally.
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We are one of the leading suppliers of refrigeration for the food processing, catering and hospitality industries throughout the UK.
We are also in demand for health and life science projects including pharmaceuticals across the country.
Our indemnified design and project management allow us to offer a complete package to all clients.
We strive to be at the forefront of cooling technology and to increase awareness of changing regulations and legislation affecting our customer base.
As a result we are often introducing our customers to increased efficiencies and energy saving technologies, giving them cost savings and solutions to help their business.
As a family firm, we pride ourselves on our professional service and employ only top quality engineering and support personnel to offer a highly personalised service to each and every customer.
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