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    Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning

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Our Air Conditioning Systems range from comfort cooling used in individual offices to larger systems for hotels, leisure facilities and large retail outlets.

We are widely acknowledged as having the experience, resources and qualifications to bring you a high quality, bespoke solution.

We provide a complete service, from design and installation to service and maintenance. Our engineers are highly-trained and experienced in the latest air conditioning technologies.

There are a variety of options available, all ranging in size and capacity:

  • Centralised systems: in which refrigeration equipment delivers cooling through air handling unit(s) and/or pumped water circuits. These may include constant volume (CV) systems, variable air volume (VAV) systems, systems using fan coil units (FCUs) or induction units, and systems using active or passive chilled beams.
  • Individual split systems: in which a single ‘outdoor unit’ containing refrigeration and heat rejection equipment is connected to an individual ‘indoor unit’ delivering cooling. These may also be called ‘split package units’.
  • Multi-split systems: in which one or more ‘outdoor units’ containing refrigeration and heat rejection equipment are each connected to a number of ‘indoor units’ delivering cooling. These may also be called ‘multi-split package units’ and include variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems. The indoor part of these systems may be called an ‘indoor unit’ or ‘cassette’.
  • Distributed heat pump systems: in which a series of individual reversible heat pumps in the treated spaces are linked by a common water circuit to a central boiler and to heat rejection plant. Such systems may commonly be called ‘versatemp-type’ systems following the trade name of the original patent holder, but there are other systems that operate to the same principle.

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