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At ACE Refrigeration we offer indemnified designs for all refrigeration and air conditioning installations with a focus on energy savings of up to 25% over traditional applications, incorporating temperature monitoring systems.
The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme also has a list of products on its Energy Technology Product List (ETPL) which have been measured for their energy efficiency.
Capital allowances enable businesses to write off the capital cost of purchasing new equipment against their taxable profits.
Normally the general rate of capital allowance is 18 per cent a year on a reducing basis but if a business invests in new equipment from this list then it could claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance, giving a one-off 100percent tax relief in the year the investment is made.
The key is to consider the capital cost and operational costs of each option before making a final decision.
And if you take the right course of action for your business, you may ultimately reap long term benefits for your business.
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Carbon Trust Loans:
Companies spend far more than they are aware on running inefficient refrigeration systems – it can even be as much as 50% of their energy bills – says the Carbon Trust.
This government lead initiative offers unsecured business loans at reduced interest rates to finance and invest in energy saving projects.
Anticipated energy savings can often offset the loan repayments.
So new equipment should pay for itself and businesses should continue to make savings year on year.
As your refrigeration contractor, ACE will calculate all your energy saving figures, assist you with the application forms and help you to liaise with the Carbon Trust.
Call now to discuss your requirements with us on 0141 556 7691.
Lenzie Finance
We can also offer very favourable terms on loans to purchase equipment and finance through our sister company Lenzie Finance.
Please call us on 0141 556 7691 or email for further details.
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