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Retail Refrigeration

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Established in 1951, we have been  helping customers with their refrigeration needs for more than 60 years.

Covering the retail industry throughout Scotland, success stories  for ACE include Nisa, Londis, KwikSave, Keystore and most recently the  world’s largest natural and organic food retailer, Whole Foods Market.

Manufacturer Independence

We are Manufacturer  Independent and have the capability to individually source the best products to meet  each customer’s needs from a range of top names including Fosters, Williams, Gram, Precision, Osborne, Interlevin, and Tefcold  to name but a few.

We can  provide all makes and  models  of refrigeration equipment including:

Counters for Confectionery, Bakery and Ice Cream as well as Fresh Produce, Meat and Fish

Bottle coolers – single, double, upright

Counters – 2-door, 3-door, pizza counters, food preparation stations

Uprights – fridge, freezer, meatchill

Blast Chillers & Freezers

Ice Machines

We have also been awarded exclusive rights as the sole UK supplier of Hiber; our new range of refrigeration equipment manufactured in Italy and part of the Ali Group.


Energy Efficiency

For some organisations, refrigeration costs can represent more than 50 % of their energy bill, and 20 % of that can be wastage.  A modern and energy-efficient refrigeration system will help save you money; we know where energy savings can be made and how to get cost-effective and efficient systems up and running in your business.


Revised F-Gas Regulations

Revised F-Gas regulations came into effect on 1st January 2015. The central element of these revised regulations is part of the phase down of HFC Refrigerants with a GWP greater than 2500, with a complete ban on new equipment using these refrigerants effective from 2020 onwards.

However, recycled and reclaimed HFCs with greater than 2,500 GWP will still be allowed for servicing existing plants until 2030.

The previous classification confirming leak detection quantity per year based on refrigerant charge thresholds has now been replaced by a system based instead on carbon emissions per year. All systems with a CO2 equivalent greater than 500 tonnes must have a fixed leak detection system installed.

But for any system with fixed leak detection installed, the quantity of leak tests required is reduced by 50%.

How these changes affect you depends on what refrigerants your current plant operates with, and how much you are using; different refrigerants have differing thresholds; all based on the carbon emissions.


Service & Maintenance

Our service & maintenance departments have dedicated teams of fully qualified service & maintenance engineers who work together to achieve a service which is fast, effective and reliable.  We offer a variety of tailor made contracts to suit your needs. As an ACE Planned Preventative Maintenance customer you are guaranteed priority service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.


Food Processing , Wholesale and Retail

Not only do we design, supply and install refrigeration solutions for retail and convenience stores, we are also responsible for meeting the needs of many of their suppliers, wholesalers and distributors too.

Reliability , efficiency and product integrity are key – our refrigeration systems  incorporate temperature monitoring systems, which are both HACCP accredited, BRC compliant and conform to Food Safety and Inspection Service standards. 

Clients in the Food Processing Industry

ACE Refrigeration has become the leading refrigeration partner to many top food processing companies with expertise in the fish and seafood industry, fruit and vegetable sectors, bakeries, dairy, eggs, poultry and meat as well as food distribution, wholesale and logistics companies.

Our teams have carried out indemnified design and installation projects for cold rooms and freezer rooms, ice generators, chilled production facilities, water chillers, spiral freezers, blast chillers and blast freezers.

Clients include:

Castle MacLellan

Scottish Sea Farms

Albert Bartlett Potatoes

Glenrath Farms

First Milk

Campbells Prime Meat

McGhees Bakeries

Caledonia Cheese

Drysdales Vegetables

J&D Cowper

DFDS Scotland