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Case Studies

Manufacturer Independence – Ice Generators

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ACE – Trusted Innovative Independent

Established in Glasgow in 1951, our knowledge, breadth of experience and professional indemnity set us apart from others and enable us to have a very flexible approach to projects and working partnerships.

Manufacturer Independence

Being manufacturer independent means we are able to offer customers solutions which best meet their needs.  We work with a number of key refrigeration and air conditioning suppliers throughout the world,. At ACE Refrigeration, we listen to customers needs and wishes before designing the best solutions to exceed their expectations and help their business grow.


We are a Geneglace approved supplier and are the only UK company who are manufacturer trained.

Ice Flakers & Ice Plants

Ice Flakers make Ice by the tonne in thin shards which are then used to pack product. Ice Flakers are predominantly used in the fish, seafood and meat industries.

Northern Ireland Fishery Authority – Geneglace Ice Flaker

In 2012 we installed a new 10 tonne Geneglace ice generator at Ardglass Harbour in County Down for the Northern Ireland Fishery Harbour Authority. The previous flake ice plant had become inefficient and also relied on R22 Gas which is being phased out under new EU legislation

Alex Duff – Geneglace Ice Flaker

We selected a Geneglace Ice Plant as the best solution to meet the needs of this fish factory to produce the required 5 tonnes of ice every 24 hours. We also designed, supplied and installed other associated cold rooms, freezer rooms and a blast freezer.

Braehead SFO – Geneglace Ice Plant

We also designed, supplied and installed a Geneglace Ice Plant for this client as part of an overall project for their new chilled food production factory. Here the ice plant was used to produce 2.5 tonnes of ice for fish every day.

Galloway Seafoods – Zeigra Ice Flaker

This customer, part of the Sco-Fro group, specified the desire for a Zeigra Ice Flaker which we were able to supply and install. The capacity of this machine was 1 tonne per 24 hours

AP Jess – Buus Ice Flaker

Here our client required an ice flaker to produce ice to use to bring down the temperature of offal removed from the animals. The temperature of the offal needs to be brought down quickly to keep in line with HACCP legislation as diseases will form if left for too long. The offal  is put into large tubs and the ice is laid on top of it where it is then left to cool. We selected this manufacturer (Buus) as we felt they were the best application for the required load. This ice flaker is also unique as it has a horizontal drum, and less moving parts means it’s easier to maintain. Buus also has a long standing association within the pork processing/ meat processing industry.