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The Project

The creation of world class cook/freeze production facilities at Inverclyde Royal Hospital (IRH) in Greenock and Royal Alexandria Hospital (RAH) in Paisley has enabled the catering teams of Greater Glasgow Health Board (GGHB) to produce in excess of 4,000  quality meals per day, supplying the patient catering requirements for their area.

ACE Refrigeration worked directly with Greater Glasgow Health Board (GGHB) and BAM Construction on the design and installation of these £1m state of the art facilities.

By centralising the production the Health Board reap large economies of scale, save money and increase both the quality and consistency of the food created.

David McDonald, Catering Facilities Manager for GGHB commented “The experience brought by ACE was invaluable in the design of this facility to meet our exact needs. They really are the specialists in this area and worked closely with us throughout the entire build to ensure we got what we wanted.”

Manufacturer Independence

The blast freezers used were to play a central role in this facility; so as part of the specification process, blast freezers from all the major manufacturers were tested by GGHB. Due to our independence and worldwide sourcing ability, the blast freezers sourced by ACE gave by far the best results; producing 500kg of frozen produce on 2 trolleys per hour versus 250g from the other manufacturers, thus ensuring best value for money and production efficiency. The installation of 15 separate cold rooms/production areas gives the facility over 1,100 cubic metres of refrigerated space.

Product Quality

Food quality was obviously a key factor in this project, thus the Airborne Sanitation System used in the blast freezers, offering improved coverage and food safety over the previously used UV light technology, was another key benefit.

Energy Efficient Indemnified Design

The cold room refrigeration equipment used was custom-manufactured to suit the facilities exact requirements. With 3 specially manufactured compressor packs servicing all the cold rooms, the design ensures the maximum possible reduction on power usage. This reduced consumption was achieved using inverter controlled packs, utilising proportional control logic; where output adapts to meet demand perfectly and therefore operates far more efficiently.

Added benefits

In addition to the refrigeration element of the project ACE also incorporated into the design a heat exchange facility to give free hot water! This water is used to pre-heat their heating system, drastically cutting the running costs and providing 44kw/day of FREE heat.


The facility further reduced its running costs by at least 10% by using a controller; which ensures the entire system always operates at peak performance, reducing energy costs and  pinpointing any potential issues before they become a problem, as well as allowing remote access to monitor the entire system from afar.